Did you know using emoji’s can help humanize your business?

Emojis can humanize your brand

With Facebook being one of the biggest adopters of emojis your brand now has an easy way to share their mood, feelings and reactions. You can use these emojis to respond to your customer comments, convey a clear emotion and speak their language. It may seem silly, but emojis can help make your customers feel like your company listens and cares.

In addition to adding emojis you can also add meeps to your Facebook comments. Meeps are highly expressive Facebook stickers and can be used the same way you would use any emoji. A good rule of thumb for integrating emojis into your social media marketing strategy is to keep it simple. Don’t muddy your message with too many emojis. Trying to force emojis where they don’t belong is a bad idea and could drive away your audience.

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