This tip could help you increase your organic reach by up to 35%

Facebook checkins increase engagement.

Did you know by encouraging Facebook Check-Ins you could increase your organic reach by up to 35%?

If your brand has a physical location, this could be just what you need to jumpstart engagement! When customers check-in on Facebook, it creates a kind of word-of-mouth advertising that gets rewarded by Facebook. Because of the updated algorithm, Facebook promotes content by friends and family above most other posts. So, each time a customer / fan checks-in, it is seen by their friends and followers and increases your brand’s exposure.

Some ideas for getting check-ins are:

Utilize in-store signage that encourages customers to check-in

Run a 10% OFF special for any customer that checks-in

Limited amount of check-ins during an event receive a gift

Randomly draw a winner every week from all check-ins

Your discount or promotion doesn’t need to cost you very much but should resonate with your customers and give them something they want. By motivating them to check-in you are essentially getting free advertising to their own friends and family! Give it a try and let us know how it went! For more Social Media tips check out our Facebook page at