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Scoreboard Bingo Press release
Scoreboard Bingo presentation

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (September 15, 2017) - Everyone loves bingo - the anticipation of getting your number called, the thrill of the win, and of course the spoils of victory. And everyone loves baseball. At least if you live in Kansas City, the chances are really good you love baseball. So what could be better than combining bingo with baseball? That's what Mike Shortino of Entertainment to Go of Kansas City thought, and on Sunday, October 1st at Tanner's on 87th in Lenexa you can find out just how fun it is by playing Scoreboard Bingo.

Scoreboard Bingo is an interactive sports bingo game app played “in real time” to the plays and actions that take place during a live Major League Baseball game. Players open the Scoreboard Bingo game app, select the date sensitive game, and then they receive a free digital game card populated with a random variety of plays that typically place during a regular MLB game.

The “Scoreboard Bingo Official Launch Party” will be held Sunday, October 1st during the Royals’ final regular season home game vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks, from noon until 2:15 at Tanner’s Bar & Grill, 12906 W. 87th St. Parkway, Lenexa, KS. There will be prizes for all winning patterns, plus a $500 grand prize for the Diamond Pattern winner!

So how did Scoreboard Bingo come about? “The app idea came from one night when my son Nick was doing our popular music bingo show at Tanner’s,” says Shortino. “The Royals were on that night, and because they were getting popular, no one wanted to play music bingo so Nick was asked to pack it up early. The manager said ‘If you could only come up with a baseball bingo game’, so we did.”

“My thought was I wanted to make it bigger, though, and take it to the next level with an interactive baseball app,” adds Shortino. “And I wanted to make sure part of the business plan will be that a portion of our proceeds will go to a charity. It’s important that we give back to the community.”

Shortino worked with Webb Technology Group to design the app, with plans to continue to upgrade throughout the year adding new features. A football app may be designed in the future as well.

Contact: To download the app, or to find out more information on Scoreboard Bingo, visit:, or contact Mike Shortino at 816-524-2222