Do you find yourself using apps more and more and wonder if it’s a good fit for your small business? Has anyone ever told you that your business needs an app? Or, have you found yourself checking out your competition to see if they have an app? According to a report by Cisco, mobile data traffic will increase 10 fold between 2014 and 2019, globally. This upward trend has started a shift towards a “Mobile First and Desktop Next” philosophy when it comes to your online presence and can be achieved in several ways including a separate mobile site, a mobile web app, a native app or a cross platform app.

Our approach to mobile app development is more than just a mobile-only strategy. It incorporates a multi-device, multi-channel overview that assesses the mobile needs of your small business and product and includes a free consultation that determines the business requirements necessary to see your vision come to light. Because of this approach, we can more efficiently determine your business needs and create a technology plan that will decrease development time and reduce costs. We are the most affordable mobile technology firm in Kansas City and are committed to helping your small business succeed!

Mobile Application Development

Start Up

- $1500-$5000 - 3-12 functions - Social Media Integration - Location Services


- $10,000-$50,000 - Custom Functionality - Social Media Integration - Location Services - Database Connections


- Call for Pricing - Custom Functions - Social Media Integration - Location Services - Cloud Based Engine